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Welcome to Smiths Labradoodles of Michigan! We are a family breeder specializing in F1 and F1B Miniature Labradoodles.

3 Puppies

Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and are socialized into a culture that promotes family friendly dogs. Our children are a vital part of raising puppies in the Smith household, and our dogs embody those great Labradoodle characteristics: loving, people friendly, smart and responsive in training, low to non-shedding and generally non-barking.

Check out our Available Puppies page to see what we currently have available or what’s coming up in the future.

Want to know how we do business and need more information on buying one of our Labradoodles? See our Purchasing a Puppy page for details.

Not real familiar with the Labradoodle breed? Check out the About our Dogs page to do a quick study on Labradoodles and read about our line of dogs.

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We have sold all the puppies from our spring, 2013 litter and have no litters due in the near future. Please check our website occasionally to see when our next litter of puppies is due.

Below are some pictures of puppies from past litters:


We have standard procedures for purchasing our puppies. We like to keep our puppies with their mother and siblings until seven or eight weeks old, depending on various indicators of a given litter or puppy. We want to be sure each puppy is ready to be separated from their mother and siblings so that they'll be the best possible pet for their new family.

COST: Smiths Labradoodles charges $1,500 per puppy.

DEPOSIT: We ask for a $300 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold a puppy and clients' pick order. Pick order is based on when a deposit is received...first deposit gets the first pick - and so on. The deposit is credited toward the total cost of the puppy. The balance of the purchase price is due upon pick up, OR when the puppy turns 8 weeks old, whichever comes first.

GUARANTEE: Our puppies come with a two-year health guarantee that applies to debilitating congenital or genetic health issues only. Should a puppy develop an inherent or genetic health problem within two years of the puppies' birth date (as confirmed by a state-licensed veterinarian), we will provide the client with a replacement puppy from the next available litter. THIS IS NOT A MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, but rather a puppy replacement guarantee. To date, Smiths Labradoodles has never had a puppy with a known defect or a need to implement this guarantee clause. Guarantee language is articulated in the PURCHASE AGREEMENT document.

PUPPY DELIVERY TERMS: We are willing to deliver a puppy or drive half-way to meet clients with their new puppy. Smiths Labradoodles has a maximum one-way drive distance of 200 miles from our home in Grand Blanc, Michigan. We charge $0.65 per mile for our round-trip distance incurred to deliver a puppy.

AIR-SHIPPING A PUPPY: We can ship a puppy to clients, for pick-up at most major airports within the USA and Canada. This service is provided at the BUYER'S risk and expense. Generally, it costs about $400 to ship a puppy to a major airport within the USA. Shipping costs include the cargo rate, an airline-compliant shipping crate, an Interstate Health Certificate from a licensed veterinarian, and other costs incurred by Smiths Labradoodles. Once the puppy has been dropped off at the airline shipping facility, the puppy's health and well being is the responsibility of the BUYER. Death or injury to the puppy during shipping is the BUYER'S liability and not covered under the Health Guarantee listed above. Puppies can only be shipped when the temperature is between 10°- 85° Fahrenheit throughout the trip. Air shipping a puppy is not our preference, but can be done successfully and is sometimes the option of choice.

PUPPY HEALTH: Clients receive a puppy that has had two de-worming treatments and their first vaccination. Clients are required to take their newly purchased puppy to a state-licensed veterinarian for a health check, within four business days of taking possession of their new puppy. Smiths Labradoodles do not come micro-chipped, though we recommend clients have a locator chip implanted in their dogs. In the unfortunate case that your pet is ever lost or stolen, the micro-chip will help local pounds, kennels and veterinarians reunite you and your dog. There are also national databases and websites you can search, or post your pet’s number, to help locate a lost or stolen pet. Clients should consult their veterinarian about this issue.

SPAY - NEUTER POLICY: All of Smiths Labradoodles are required to be spayed or neutered before the dog reaches one year of age. This requirement and associated cost is the responsibility of the client and covered in the terms of the PURCHASE AGREEMENT.

PURCHASE AGREEMENT: Our complete terms of sale are included in our PURCHASE AGREEMENT FORM, which can be requested by email or a phone call.

BOARDING YOUR PUPPY: Sometimes life’s circumstances complicate "when" you can pick up your new puppy. Should clients have a need to delay their pick-up date, Smiths Labradoodles will charge a flat rate of $7.00 a day to board the puppy, payable upon date of pick-up. This cost covers the expense of feeding and caring for clients' puppies until they are able to take final possession of their dog. Boarding commences 24 hours after receipt of final payment, unless alternate arrangements are agreed upon by both the Buyer and the Seller.

FORM OF PAYMENT(s): Smiths Labradoodles requires cash, direct deposit, cashier’s check, or a money order for all purchases, deposits or boarding costs. No personal checks will be accepted. This safe guard is necessary as Smiths Labradoodles has no way to repossess a puppy, should a personal check not clear payment.

BREEDERS: We are willing to sell to other breeders using a different price schedule and contract terms than those listed above. Please request a BREEDERS’ PURCHASE AGREEMENT FORM by email or a phone call.

For more information, please feel free to email or give us a call.

We breed Labradoodles with top-notch health attributes, along with excellent personalities and disposition.

TanyaWe started our lineage using only AKC Registered dogs with certified health exams, ensuring their eyes, heart, and joints were in excellent condition. Why is this important? Because for the most part, physical and disposition attributes of dogs are inherent to their offspring.

OUR LABRADOODLES: We specialize in breeding F1and F1B Miniature Labradoodles. Our puppies come in rare colors of red, apricot and buff. (for a description and understanding of the different types of Labradoodles, see the section below) Smiths Labradoodles are also unique in size, as smaller dogs make for great family and house pets. Our dogs are also hearty and athletic, yet small enough to cuddle. Our F1’s tend to be about 30-35 pounds and 17” high, while the F1B’s are even smaller at around 20-25 pounds and 14” high.

LABRADOODLE BASICS: Labradoodles were originally developed in Australia in the 1970’s. The intent was to breed a dog that had the wonderful, hearty disposition of the Labrador Retriever, combined with the brains and hair qualities of a Poodle. The result is a breed that's people friendly, very smart and trainable, with low to non shedding and dander attributes - making them ideal for people who struggle with dog allergies. Today the Labradoodle has become a cherished breed for all of those reasons. Labradoodles are not recognized by the AKC, as a breed must be in existence for at least 100 years to be considered by the AKC.(You can reach the AKC's website from our "Links" page) Smiths Labradoodles register their dogs through the CKC, or Continental Kennel Club, another organization established to set standards for breeding and maintaining healthy, quality dogs. Learn more about the CKC from our "Links" page.

LABRADOODLE TYPES: You will find a wide array of Labradoodles available in the marketplace today. Sometimes all the different terms and descriptions can be downright confusing. Here’s the basics of Labradoodle types:

F1 = First Generation. (50% Lab & 50% Poodle)

F1B = Second Generation; an F1 bred back to a Poodle. (25% Lab & 75% Poodle)

F2 = F1 bred back to another F1.

Multi-Gen = Breeding Labradoodles who are both F2 & beyond.

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Continental Kennel Club:

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We reside in Grand Blanc, Michigan. We are 60 miles NW of Detroit, 140 miles east of Grand Rapids, 285 miles east of Chicago and 120 miles north of Toledo.